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The great Gus came into Tim’s life!  After countless walks, meet and greets at the SPCA, finally Tim could take home his best Buddy!  Little did they both know the journey that was about to begin and what would grow from this beautiful bond.

After a bit of time, Tim noticed Gus seemed to have less energy and his coat was not as shiny, so he started to investigate what could possibly be causing these changes.  Quickly, Tim had caught word that the dog food he was using had caused serious challenges with a lot of other dogs.

Tim made the decision to look into Holistic Dog Food and soon after a small family side business with Tim’s parents took off providing friends and clients with quality dog & cat food.

During this time, Gigi found her way to Tim’s heart.  After being found in the woods, Gigi made her forever home with Tim and Gus.  Gigi loved walking through the bush, enjoying time on the dock and hanging out with Gus, her best friend.

In September of 2015, we lost Gigi to a fisher.  All of our hearts were deeply affected, especially Gus’s.  In January of 2016, with 8 amazing years of adventures, Gus’s heart was tired and with great sadness, we said goodbye to a very important part of our family.


We know Gus & Gigi would want us to always help other pets, so we embarked on a new journey and today we are blessed with Jethro our Black & Tan Coonhound and our beautiful cat, Prim. Together, they have inspired us to open GUS & GIGI’S and provide healthy food, supplements, treats and toys for our Furry Family!

We are committed to quality and great service to you!